TechReady provides consulting services that cover all phases of the solutions lifecycle:

Evaluate –> Plan –> Build –> Deploy –> Operate

During the Evaluate phase we conduct discussions, perform demonstrations based on previously built demos, provide an overview of solution functionality, collect information and perform a preliminary analysis of requirements. If needed, a Proof of Concept can be built to test solution functionality in a lab environment and enable you to evaluate the ability of the solutions to meet the stated requirements. This will allow you to take an informed decision to implement the solution.

In the Plan phase we perform activities for solution architecture design, build the functional specifications, build the project plan and the project schedule and identify the risks associated with the project. At the end of this phase we provide a full set of documentation which includes the solution design, functional specifications and project plans.

During the Build phase we develop, test and stabilize the components of the solutions, in order to prepare for the implementation in the production environment. The last verification is usually the Pilot, when a release candidate of the solution is tested in the production environment with only a small number of users. The deliverables of this phase include step by step procedures for installing and configuring the solution.

In the Deploy phase we implement the solution in the production environment. We provide training for users and administrators and the solution ownership is transferred to the operations department.

In the Operate phase the solution is managed in the production environment for its entire operating life. This important phase is very often overlooked when thinking about new projects. We provide consulting services and operational procedures to enable you to successfully manage the solution.

Consulting Services:

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