Seminar: Build your own datacenter in Microsoft Azure

Attend this seminar to find out how you can use Microsoft Azure infrastructure services to build your own datacenter in the cloud.

Learn how you can use Azure Virtual Machines, Storage, Virtual Networks, Websites, Databases, Azure Active Directory to perform testing or implement applications and services into the cloud. Also find out how you can also use Azure Backup and Recovery services to provide data protection for your solutions.

The seminar consists in presentations and demos performed by the trainer.

Length: 1 day


  • Module 1: Introduction to Microsoft Azure
  • Module 2: Azure Virtual Machines
  • Module 3: Azure Storage
  • Module 4: Azure Virtual Networks
  • Module 5: Azure Websites
  • Module 6: Azure Databases
  • Module 7: Azure Active Directory
  • Module 8: Azure Backup and Recovery

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